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Congratulations Tom Stead and Shane Cooke

At Tonkin, we believe in celebrating the dedication and achievements of our team members. We are thrilled to commemorate two significant milestones: Tom Stead’s 15th anniversary and Shane Cooke’s 5th anniversary with us.

Tom’s journey with Tonkin began when we were still known as Gary Tonkin Plumbing. Starting as an apprentice, Tom quickly showcased his dedication and talent. Over the years, he has climbed the ranks to become our General Manager. Tom’s commitment to excellence is evident in his work ethic—he’s always the first to arrive at the office and last to leave. As an incredible leader, Tom’s career growth has been inspiring. It has been a pleasure to witness his ascent and to have him as a pivotal part of our team.

Shane Cooke joined us five years ago as a mischievous plumber. Since then, he has forged a remarkable career at Tonkin. Shane’s hard work and exceptional people skills have set him apart, making him a client favourite. Those who have had the pleasure of working with Shane often speak about his personable nature and his positive impact on everyone around him. His career path at Tonkin exemplifies how dedication and a genuine approach to people can lead to success.

We are incredibly proud of Tom and Shane. Their dedication, leadership, and commitment to our values have significantly contributed to Tonkin’s success. Congratulations to both of you on these wonderful milestones.
We look forward to seeing what the future holds and continuing to achieve great things together.

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