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Making a Difference: Our Movember Journey

Raising Awareness for Men’s Health – A Month to Remember

We are proud to reflect on our unique and impactful participation in Movember 2023. This time, our focus was less on fundraising and more on spreading awareness about the crucial issues facing men’s health.

Our journey through Movember was enriched by weekly guest speakers who brought diverse perspectives and personal experiences. Movember ambassador Paul Sharratt shared his inspiring journey and emphasised the importance of open conversations about men’s health. Ex-AFL player Paul Spargo delved into the mental challenges men face, while social worker Carl Rogalski highlighted the significance of mental health support in our communities. These sessions educated and inspired our team members to participate actively in this noble cause.

In a spirited display of camaraderie and creativity, our departments were divided into teams, each creating innovative fundraising events. From the excitement of yabbie racing to the hilarity of speedo car washes, our teams thought of it all, bringing laughter and fun to the message of men’s health awareness. These activities brought our employees closer and engaged the wider community in our mission.

A highlight of our Movember campaign was the final fundraiser, where our senior managers were ‘locked up’ and had to raise $500 in donations to ‘make bail’. This not only captured everyone’s attention but also significantly contributed to our fundraising efforts, raising an impressive $8,000. The event was a testament to the commitment of our leadership towards this cause and the collective spirit of our employees.

Our commitment to raising awareness for men’s health doesn’t end with Movember. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts throughout the year, reinforcing that men’s health matters daily. We believe in the power of awareness, conversation, and community action to make a lasting impact.

We thank all our team members, guest speakers, and the community for their enthusiastic participation and support. Together, we made this Movember a memorable and meaningful one, and we look forward to continuing this journey in the years to come.

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